Are More People Seeking Addiction Treatment During The Pandemic

Are More People Seeking Addiction Treatment During the Pandemic?

Millions of individuals struggle with an addiction every day. With the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the globe and triggering a call for isolation, self-quarantining, and social distancing, concerns continue to grow with regard to overdoses and addiction. Understanding just how significantly the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted individuals on a personal and mental health level is imperative in order to help communities heal and return to a sense of normalcy.


Long-Term Isolation Is Risky and Potentially Life-Threatening

Humans are social creatures, meaning they need to interact with others regularly to remain healthy and balanced. With the COVID-19 pandemic, many U.S. states with higher than average infection rates mandated masks or facial coverings, social distancing, and short-term and long-term lockdowns.

Since lockdowns have impacted several states throughout the United States and may affect them in the future, the threat of long-term isolation looms. Long-term isolation can trigger a myriad of mental and physical symptoms such as:

  • Increased anxiety, agitation, or rage
  • Inability to focus or a loss of focus and concentration
  • Depression
  • Development of addictions and harmful behaviors
  • Loneliness
  • Thoughts of suicide
  • Feelings of hopelessness


Two Pandemics for the Price of One?

Unfortunately, although COVID-19 poses several risks, especially for the elderly and individuals with compromised immune systems, there are also risks of long-term shutdowns and mandated lockdowns. With the rise of lockdowns and forced or required quarantining, an entirely new pandemic has formed. Addictions and opioid and alcohol overdoses have skyrocketed since the first lockdowns occurred due to the novel COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.

Weighing the pros and cons of closing down entire cities and states has wreaked havoc amongst many communities and individuals. Opting to close down whole local and regional economies may help slow the spread of COVID-19 in some highly densely populated areas. Still, the decisions have created repercussions and consequences because they take a mental, emotional, and physical toll on the communities’ citizens.

Are More People Seeking Addiction Treatment During The Pandemic 3

Issues Seeking Help and Recovery Resources

In addition to the chaos and unpredictability of a global pandemic, it has also become increasingly difficult for individuals to seek the health care and addiction treatment they need for themselves and their loved ones. With some hospitals and health care practices temporarily turning away new clients and quarantining themselves, it can be stressful and downright confusing to find solutions when you need them the most.

Consider spending time researching and calling various health care practices and addiction treatment centers before scheduling an appointment or visiting them in person. If they stopped seeing people in person, you might not be able to visit them in the first place.

Taking the effort to research individual addiction treatment centers and programs can help you save time and find an optimal solution, especially in highly stressful times. To learn more about how an inpatient or outpatient program can help individuals find treatment during a pandemic, you can learn more by visiting the official website of a drug or alcohol addiction treatment center.


Finding the Right Addiction Treatment Center or Program During a Pandemic

Before choosing an addiction treatment center or rehabilitation program that is right for you, think about your personal needs and reflect on the personal and individual struggles that your addiction is producing. Some things to consider when choosing an addiction treatment solution or center to suit your needs include:

Addiction severity

Consider the overall severity of your addiction as well as the substances you are addicted to currently. Is your addiction physical, mental, emotional, or a combination of some of these? All of these? Is your addiction life-threatening and harming your brain, heart, liver, or other organs throughout your body?

Are More People Seeking Addiction Treatment During The Pandemic 4

Personality and lifestyle

Taking a serious inventory of your own life, personality, lifestyle, and bad habits are imperative when seeking true and permanent changes to your current living way. If you cannot be honest with yourself about your own addictive habits and negative behaviors, finding the help you need to recover truly could be next to impossible, especially during a global event such as a coronavirus outbreak.

Long or short-term solutions

Are you interested in enrolling in an inpatient rehabilitation program that requires you to live within a rehab treatment center for around thirty days to more than six months? Are you looking for a short-term rehabilitation solution that allows you to continue to work, pay bills, and live at home as part of an outpatient program?

Knowing and comparing the difference between short-term and long-term addiction treatment options can help you find a program that is most likely to provide you with lasting results.



Before choosing a program that is right for you, research the program’s amenities as well as the activities or programs of long-term rehab treatment centers that interest you.

While finding an addiction treatment center or program may take time and effort, it is possible to do so, even during unusual times. With the right tools and resources and an understanding of the long or short-term treatment you need, you can find a rehab program that truly delivers.

Although upticks in addictions and overdoses often occur during a natural disaster, crisis, or pandemic, it is important to remain vigilant at all times. Stay informed of resources, programs, and treatment options available to help you or your loved ones during your time of need.

When you are familiar with addiction, the signs and symptoms of addiction, and treatment options, you can face and overcome addiction at any time, even during a stressful and life-altering time such as a global pandemic.

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