Bongs For Sale How To Pack A Bong Bow

Bongs For Sale How To Pack A Bong Bow

Remember when you took your first bong hit and how daunting it was? From filling the bong up with the right amount of water to packing enough legal dry herb material into the bong bowl and lighting it properly whilst inhaling to get a hit? And don’t forget to pull upon the inhale and make sure it doesn’t go down the wrong pipe. For first-time bong users, it can be extremely overwhelming to go through the bong experience but luckily there are so many resources on the internet to help the newbies get through their first without too many hiccups.

One of the most important parts of perfecting the bongs for sale experience is to learn how to pack a bong bowl properly. Without knowing how to pack a bong bowl correctly, the entire smoke session will be affected, and no one wants to have a less than satisfactory smoke when it can totally be avoided. Here is how to pack a bong bowl so that you and your friends can maximize the bong experience, even if you have no experience. Need to buy a bong or upgrade your bong setup? Check out these bongs for sale and choose the ones that speak best to your vibe.

How to pack a bong bowl

After buying a few bongs for sale, the first thing any bong user should do is test out their new device. For new stoners, sometimes buying a bong is the easiest part for them, and when it comes time to use it, they are unsure if they are doing it correctly. With a few tips and tricks, even beginner smokers will get into a routine, and it will feel like second nature after a few sessions.

To properly pack a bong bowl, you will need the following:

  • Bong bowl
  • Grinder
  • Dry materials to smoke

The bong bowl should come with bongs for sale that were purchased, and there are always options to upgrade a bong bowl setup – just make sure any additional bong bowls bought are compatible with the bong you have on hand.

Shred dry materials in a grinder

Shred Dry Materials In A Grinder

First, using a grinder is essential to correctly packing a bong bowl. For new users, packing a bong bowl with chunky nugs will not provide a good smoking experience so it is best to understand from the jump that grinded materials work best when packing a bong bowl for a smoke session.

Put dry materials into palm of hand

Working with legal dry materials can get messy, so using a rolling tray or any type of surface tray that can catch fallen material is ideal. A good method to use when packing a bong bowl is to pinch some material into the palm of your hand. You do not want to overfill a bong bowl as this will just waste materials, so taking little amounts allows you to add on later if needed.

Place bong bowl over palm of hand

With the dry materials in a little pile placed in the palm of your hand, your hand should be parallel to the floor with the dry materials facing up. Grabbing the bong bowl, flip it upside down so that the bowl will be covering the pile of dry materials in your hand. Cupping the pile of dry materials with the bong bowl, slowly flip your hands over so that the palm with the dry materials ends up on top of the bong bowl.

This is a very simple method to insert enough dry materials into the bong bowl without individually pinching little amounts into the bowl or pouring directly from the grinder. Every little pinch of dry material is precious and can contribute to another bowl to smoke, so try not to waste anything by sprinkling it on the ground, which is very easy to do.

Once flipped over, you can pack the top a bit more if you prefer, but a super tightly packed bowl is also not very easy to smoke either. As time goes on and the more bongs for sale you get your hands on, you will become a bong bowl packing expert.

Bongs for sale online

Now that you know how to pack a bowl without spilling its contents everywhere, what are you waiting for? Grab one of the best bongs for sale online at EF420 and get to smoking, the bong won’t pack its own bowl. Again, if you want to optimize the full bongs for sale experience and upgrade your setup with other bong bowls, feel free to! There are so many different options when it comes to bong accessories, as long as you double-check that all pieces are compatible, you should be in the clear. Ramp up your collection with different bowls to fully customize the look of your brand-new bong.


What is the best way to buy a bong bowl?

Make sure your bong, bubbler, or ash catcher has female or male joint sizes before purchasing an herb bowl. As a result, you will be able to choose a bowl that is compatible with your style preference. The load volume determines how much material can be smoked at once through your bong.

How can you tell if a bong is male or female?

Have a look at the bong you use most often. If you have to put accessories over the joint where the bowl fits, it’s a male. Therefore, the female must be bowl pieces, domes, nails, or other adapters.

How big should a bong be?

Those who have been smoking for a while will benefit from an eight-inch tall bong. Large bongs may meet the needs of smokers who have been smoking for a long time. We do not recommend tall bongs to people who are inexperienced or unable to handle a lot of smoke at once.

Is there a way to stop my bong from smelling?

Make sure the sink is filled with warm water and soap. Remove the bowl and downstream from your bong, and soak its base and neck in the sink. Add vinegar to your bong water to create a deodorizer solution and allow your bong to soak to remove lingering odors and stains gently.

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