Coronavirus: New York state's death toll passed 10,000  - BBC News

Coronavirus: New York state’s death toll passed 10,000 – BBC News

Governor Andrew Cuomo told a briefing on Monday he believed the “worst is over” for his state.

“Nobody has been here before, nobody has all the answers,” said Mr Cuomo. “Addressing public health and the economy: which one is first? They’re both first.”

The western states of California, Washington and Oregon also announced plans for a shared approach to reopening.

Except for Massachusetts, all the 10 states are led by Democratic governors.

More than 40 states have imposed state-wide stay-at-home orders for their entire population.

In Spain, people in construction and manufacturing can now finally return to work – albeit under strict safety rules. All other workers must continue to stay at home. You can read more here
President Emmanuel Macron of France will address the nation at 18:00 GMT. He’s expected to extend the lockdown until 10 May, although he’s also expected to sketch out how France can eventually end its restrictions
Stay-at-home orders have cut the spread of the virus across the continent, but home isn’t always safe for some. Experts fear domestic abuse cases have skyrocketed in recent weeks
And more than half of Germany’s 128,000 confirmed cases have now recovered, according to official data

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