Coronavirus: The situation in Europe - BBC News

Coronavirus: The situation in Europe – BBC News

After Spain allowed work to resume at construction sites and factories on Monday, now Italy and Austria are allowing some retail businesses to restart, on a very limited scale. Food shops and pharmacies have remained open in the crisis.

More developments from Europe:

In Italy certain shops are reopening, after five weeks of lockdown: booksellers, stationery shops and sellers of baby clothes. Computer production and paper manufacturing are also allowed to restart. But the amount of activity depends on the region, and strict hygiene rules remain in force. Lombardy in the north – the epicentre of Italy’s crisis – is keeping shops shut. Italy’s death toll is now 20,465, the highest in Europe, but the infection rate has come down.
Austria was one of the first countries in Europe to follow Italy in imposing a strict lockdown. Now it is allowing garden centres, hardware and DIY stores and small shops to reopen. But people are still urged to stay at home and in shops the wearing of masks is mandatory. You can read more on this here.
There has been another record rise in Covid-19 infections in Russia, officials say: 2,774 more in the past 24 hours, making 21,102 infections in total, and 170 people have died. Thirty-four members of the world-famous Bolshoi Theatre have tested positive.
In Serbia police arrested a care home manager in the city of Nis, after 140 residents got infected. The manager allegedly allowed visits by relatives, and residents to leave the home, violating the lockdown. The charges could result in a 12-year jail term.

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