Coronavirus: UK is 'past the peak' says PM Boris Johnson - BBC News

Coronavirus: UK is ‘past the peak’ says PM Boris Johnson – BBC News

Boris Johnson says he can confirm “for the first time we are past the peak of this disease and on the downward slope”.

The PM says the UK will beat the disease by “growing resolve and ingenuity”, including by working on a vaccine.

He promises that next week the government will release a “comprehensive plan… on how we can get the economy moving, how we can get children back to school and how we can travel to work and make life in the workplace safer”.

He says the plan will be based on “how we can continue to suppress disease and at same time restart the economy”.

Johnson says it will be “guided by science” and he will attempt to “build maximum political consensus”.

He adds: “We have come through the peak. We have come under what could have been vast huge Alpine tunnel and now we see the sunlight in the pasture ahead of us.

“It is vital we do not now lose control and run into second and bigger mountain.”

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