Growth Hormone For Men Pros And Cons

Growth hormone for men – Pros and Cons

The effect of HGH on the reduction of body fat is debatable. A systematic review from 2009 involving 19 randomized controlled trials on the effect of external HGH intake on obesity and weight loss. Eleven of the tests were longer than 12 weeks.

The conclusion is that the external intake of HGH shows little or no effect on weight loss and a slightly better effect on the reduction of abdominal fat in obese people. But it’s not something that can’t be achieved with diet and exercise.

Well, what if it’s not about obese individuals but about fitness contestants who want to “squeeze” the last possible “drop” of fat from their

Above all, this issue should not excite 99.9% of people, i.e., all who will not set foot on the racing scene. The achievement of  “competitive relief” is associated with extreme training loads (mostly in volume and frequency) and caloric restrictions, which adversely affects physically and emotionally, as well as negatively on the hormonal, nervous, and immune systems (here I speak from personal experience). Yes, there is a more sensible and more unreasonable way to do it, but little or more it is not healthy, and therefore it is pointless to pursue
by no contestants. Moreover, such relief can not be maintained, which further invalidates the effort.

But let’s go back to the topic – will HGH give an advantage to someone to become super embossed (external intake, as well as methods of
increasing natural secretion)? There is no scientific information here, so I will only speak based on personal observations and built opinion.

It is generally difficult to answer if it comes to external intake since (almost) no one uses HGH alone without a combination with other medications. Therefore, the answer will be: it may have some effect, but first, it depends on the dose and the duration of the reception, and secondly – again, it is not something that can not be achieved without the HGH. If it’s about whether it makes sense to train and eat in a certain way, increase HGH’s natural secretion, and thanks to this to become super embossed… No, I don’t think you’re going to get any more embossed or that it’s going to happen faster, thanks to the fact that you’ve”buoyed” your growth hormone.
The key to becoming very embossed natural is maintaining a caloric deficiency long enough for as long as possible to preserve muscle mass. And to achieve it, it is pointless to focus your efforts on something with a supposed effect instead of concentrating on essential things, such as quality workouts, a good diet, enough sleep, and rest. Keep in mind that fasting and reduced protein intake also increase HGH levels as well as sleep poorly.
But no one would recommend them to you for embossed physics. Even more contrary to the logic that increased secretion of HR should be
equal to more IGF-1, in practice, this does not necessarily be the case. Although fasting, caloric, and/or protein restriction increase circulating growth hormone levels, IGF-1 decreases.

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For better sporting successes?

The use of growth hormone is also associated with better sports performance of several athletes.
“Ah, he’s on a hormone” is one of the things I’ve heard most often about athletes from different kinds of sports.

The literature available so far does not support this theory. The conclusions of various systematic reviews and meta-analyses are that
the outside intake of HGH does not improve athletic performance.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying that sport is “clean,” but that not growth hormone is at the core of records. In certain sports, certain dosages and duration of admission may give some advantage. And when it comes to the fact that 100ths of a second is the difference between first and fifth place, any negligible advantage is of great importance.
But either way, the purpose of this topic is not to clarify this, all the more so because it is irrelevant to the line coach. The conclusion here is: the natural increase in growth hormone secretion is unlikely to make you stronger and more durable.

What does all this mean? Is Growth Hormone really useless?

First, concepts must not be confused and equated:

1) The external intake of HGH by athletes combining it with some other medications that mutually enhance their action (or rather HR enhances the action of others);

2) Independent external intake of HGH in people with and without deficiency;

3) Methods (nutritional, training, supplements) to increase natural production within physiological limits.

Since external admission is above all doping, I would not delve further into the topic, at least for now, and even more, so is not the goal here.

I’m just going to say a few things. If you expect any miracles to happen by injection with HGH. You will most likely be disappointed. Perhaps prolonged intake (months) of higher doses can get slightly better muscle growth or reduce body fat. But if we set aside the huge amount you will pay (not justifying the weak effect at all), then the side effects and risks increase proportionally with the
dose (as opposed to the effect). If you are looking for more information about human growth hormone, go HGHservice right way.

The “more harmless” among them, for example, are strong water retention, carpal canal syndrome, and acromegaly, and as a more serious complication may indicate diabetes and accelerated growth of cancer cells. And as for the means to increase the natural
secretion of growth hormone… If you are a healthy person with normal HGH levels, then your body produces enough, no matter what you do. And since the effect (mostly within physiological limits) is not proportional to the amount of HGH, do not waste your time and effort with known and unknown means of “optimizing” it… Like training on specific training protocols just because they “boost” the HGH. And don’t give yourself any extra money for growth hormone boosters.

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