6 Things to Know Before you Get Hair Extensions

6 Things to Know Before you Get Hair Extensions

For some of us who don’t get good terms with long hair or even those that already chopped their hair into lobs, bobs, or even to full shave, hair extensions are the only way to get that long hair.

Hair extension is a prevalent thing for celebrities all over the world. Because it’s an excellent way to change your way the way you want or even depending on the occasion, you also have to get a few extensions even if you are not a famous folk.

Though, before you get to this extent, there are few things you should know. Additionally, several options are available in the market today, and hence you should be extra careful when shopping for a perfect hair extension.

Here are some of the things you should know.

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1. There are Permanent and Non-Permanent Hair Extensions

That is the first thing that you should know. It will help you determine the amount of money you want to spend on this and, at the same time, make you fully aware of the pros and cons of what you are going for.

However, the right hair extensions will depend on several factors, including the final look you want, the type of your hair, and your budget. That comes into play because a specialist should fit a permanent hair extension while your non-permanent ones can be easily fitted at home using tape in hair extensions.

2. Watch Out for Fake and Real Hair

The other thing I thought you should know is that you can end up getting real or fake hair in the market. Hair extensions are made from either human hair or synthetic hair. This difference also impacts the price of each type.

If you want a hair extension that will enhance your looks and, at the same time, stay longer, then you should go for real human hair. If otherwise, you should go for cheaper synthetic hair extensions.

3. Their Prices Vary

The prices of hair extensions vary greatly depending on several factors. That depends on the quality of the hair you are going for and, eventually the method of fitting you choose.

The prices may range from a few hundred dollars to even a thousand dollars. However, in most cases, their fees may range from $75 to $300 on average.

4. Hair Extensions Need Some Maintenance

The fact is that hair extension needs some care to keep them looking natural. The level of maintenance will depend on the style and kind of hair extensions you go for.

However, everybody should have a hair care regimen to take care of the scalp under the extension and the natural hair. It needs washing, but still, it needs enough time before you wash it. The wisest decision to make here is to wait for two days after the fitting to clean them.

5. Color Match

When you are buying hair extensions, you should make sure you are getting the perfect color match. What this means is that you should get the right color for your hair extensions.

In this case, you need to color match with the ends of your locks and not the roots. You should as well go for a color that is most prominent in your natural hair color.

6. Good Extensions shouldn’t Cause any Damage

Lastly, if you have good hair extensions, they will not cause any damage to your natural hair. That is one of the things that people don’t know.

If you notice that the hair extensions you have are causing any damages, you should let them go.

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