Here are 10 myths about CBD gummies that should be busted

Here are 10 myths about CBD gummies that should be busted

Myths about CBD gummies

As they are designed and marketed like regular gummies, CBD-infused gummies hold within them the capacity to look and taste like regular gummies, along with the potency of CBD. Since gummies are fun to spice a party with, these products are never going out of style. Available in various flavors, some favorites include mixed fruit packs, strawberry rings, sour gummy bears, etc.

However, the enthusiasm around CBD-infused gummies is consistently shadowed by myths and stereotypes about them. These not only harm the marketers and producers persistently trying to reshape the narrative. But, it also demerits the work of science and research in mediating the same. The myths about CBD-infused gummies still color our understanding of the product. Here are some myths about CBD gummies that you must undoubtedly debunk –

CBD gummies make you high

The most common myth about CBD gummies is that it makes you high. This myth is untrue for every CBD product, as CBD contains only 0.3% of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol content. It is this compound, THC, that is responsible for producing the high felt upon consuming cannabis. However, CBD products come with varying concentrations, most of which are devoid of THC. This combination leaves out the medicinal and relaxation after-effects instead of the state of trance. A mild relaxation feeling isn’t uncommon, but this is nothing close to the high users generally associate with cannabis. CBD is therefore wholly non-psychoactive and reduces the brain’s electrical activity, to initiate relaxation.

CBD gummies work instantaneously

One imagines that CBD gummies show effects almost instantly. That is entirely untrue as various CBD products interact with the body differently. Apart from the varying individual factors, a significant cause to consider is the means of consumption itself. Since CBD gummies, or any CBD edibles for that fact, have to pass through the digestive system before the effects are fully experienced. Other intake methods like smoking flowers are quicker, but the effects are less lasting than CBD gummies.

Research on CBD gummies is inadequate

A common misconception about CBD gummies, and for that matter, any CBD product, is that there is a lack of research in the area. This misinformation misleads the common public into thinking that CBD gummies are not reliable. Further, it puts to question their effectiveness. There are hundreds of research papers and initiatives taken simply in the last few years. Many of these studies are undertaken by organizations approved by the government. These also include the Food and Drug Association in the USA, that have given CBD gummies and other products a seal of approval, provided they contain 0.3% of THC content.

CBD gummies are ineffective

In line with the above myth, many do not take CBD gummies seriously as they believe these are like candies and cannot show effects. Many times people end up overdosing on CBD gummies if they do not believe in the effectiveness of CBD gummies. The delayed effects often cause a lot of users to realize its effects in retrospect. It is not as quick as other modes of intake, but it will show effects eventually.

CBD gummies have loud and jarring side effects

People imagine CBD side effects to be as loud or rough as cannabis leaves with THC content. CBD products are comparatively milder, with a restricted trance feeling. This, as a result, also produces mellower side effects. One may feel dizzy or have a headache, but these are certainly milder. One can learn to control them upon regular use.

Overdosing on CBD gummies is deadly

Most beginners and the common public usually believe that overdosing on CBD gummies is deadly. Although it comes with heightened side effects, you may be relieved learning that an overdose of CBD is not lethal. The study reveals that large doses of CBD cause side effects, such as lethargy, drowsiness, upset stomach, diarrhea, or nausea. But consuming an excessive amount of CBD is not deadly.

Overdosing on CBD gummies is deadly

CBD gummies have short-term effects

Administering CBD through different modes can have a range of effects. Since CBD also interacts differently with various people, this complicates the picture of the time it takes for it to kick in. Generally, CBD gummies take longer to kick in, but CBD-infused gummies last longer than other intake modes possible. This feature makes it enjoyable to consume a CBD gummy even though it may have to go through the digestive system to take effect. The process of CBD manifesting its effect takes a minimum of thirty minutes. It can take about ninety minutes, or even more sometimes. However, since the process is much more enjoyable and convenient for everyone, this time limit is hardly a hassle for CBD enthusiasts.

CBD gummies are illegal

Regardless of popular perception, CBD gummies are not illegal. The farm bill of 2018 removed hemp from the definition of marijuana under the Controlled Substances Act. This removal indicates that CBD, which has only 0.3% THC content, is not illegal in most states. To be sure, you may check the laws in your state. But, the farm bill of 2018 alleviated many myths and worries about the dangers of CBD. This shift introduced to the cannabis market a chance to look beyond the myths and consider them for their relaxing effects.

CBD gummies are expensive

Unlike popular perception, CBD gummies are not all that expensive. Certainly, infusing CBD in a manner that retains its potency and yet contains a burst of flavor is not easy. But, CBD-infused gummies are increasingly in demand, urging the market to compete for their audiences. Such healthy competition amongst CBD companies has resulted in prices as low as $0.03 or $0.04 for every milligram.

CBD gummies are only a trend

Reading market sizes and statistics reveals that the craze for CBD-infused gummies is more than a trend. With the U.S CBD gummies market size alone rising to $220.1 million, you may learn that the audience for CBD gummies is large. Consistently turning to CBD gummies over other products in the market, with market demand peaking rapidly, it is safe to say that CBD gummies are gaining enthusiasts, transcending the status of a trend.


The world of cannabis and CBD-infused gummies is one many are afraid to explore. A significant role is played by societal misconceptions and myths that keep people from trying the same. Laying out all the various myths around CBD-infused gummies, we dismantle these myths one by one.

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