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Terrifying number of people (736 millions) still live in poverty and don’t have any access to medical help and even information about their health. Our goal as a team of medical students and certified doctors is to provide actual information about symptoms and disease treatment to everyone for free together with advices about fitness and healthy life in general. We believe instructions related to healthy lifestyle should be accessible from any place on Earth while having internet connection.

At this portal we collect and publish information related to diseases, health, fitness and healthy food, based on latest researches with references to trusted international and government health-related organisations and their study.



Easy Healthy Lunch Ideas

Easy Healthy Lunch Ideas

Easy healthy lunch ideas: These healthy lunch ideas are delicious and filling. There are so many great recipes here that you’ll be looking forward more …
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2022's Top 6 Kids' Fitness Trackers

2022’s Top 6 Kids’ Fitness Trackers

Kids’ Fitness Trackers Kids who wear activity tracker watches are more likely to adopt healthy routines and stay active because of the devices’ cutting-edge features. If …
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