Substance Abuse And Mental Health How They Are Connected

Substance Abuse And Mental Health: How They Are Connected

Stressed Lifestyles and situations surrounding life (like Family feuds, failing in office, estranged loved ones, losing assets, and others) drag oneself into the realm of social alienation.

The person seeks help from Substances like Drugs, Alcohol to get temporary relief but in vain. This is how mental illness initiates itself.

But on the flip side of the coin lies a danger. The person knows very well that he is unable to remember facts and data required on a daily basis- forget about the distant ones.

The article will take a dip into the realm of Substance abuse and try to decipher how it affects the human capacity to remember things; even stay (and behave) normal in life.

Substance Abuse And Kinds

Medical Practitioners recognize substance abuse as a mental disorder. This is because the individual, in order to seek temporary relief, resorts to harmful substances. It finally gets much sought out relief but it is momentary.

But the stressful condition recurs in life and it totally disrupts the life of the individual. It goes hard to seek relief again. To know more about Mental Health you need to check out Pinnacle Recovery here.

This implies the person is addicted to the substances. The brain here provides signals to the mind that it is a stressful condition and the body needs the substance to get Instant Relief. 

Substances that are frequently used as Drug Abuse includes  Marijuana, Alcohol, Cocaine, Pain Pills, Stimulants, Anxiety Pills,  Cocaine, Opiates, Inhalants, and others.

Perceived Tendencies

Here  are certain natural tendencies that are perceived on a person if it is gripped with addiction:

  • Here the person ends up with reduced tolerance and it seeks immediate need of the common drug.
  • Withdrawal symptoms happen if one stops using the Drug. For example, if one smells pain balm or some adhesive to get instant relief from a Painful Unbearable Headache, it would recurrently feel that it is gripped with a headache.
  • The person spends a lot of time getting the proper recovery from the drug abuse
  • The person would slowly withdraw from any kind of social activities and would wish to give more time to himself.

These perceived tendencies drag an individual close to being afflicted to some kind of Addiction especially Substance Abuse.

What Is Mental Health?

Mental Health involves emotional, psychological, and social wellbeing. In order to lead a balanced social life in adjustment with others and even fight the odds of life, one needs to be in the very shape of Mind.

Mental Health and well-being are a much-required element in every stage of our life- be it adolescence, Youth, or old age.

There are different signs and symptoms that would manifest one mentally  retard state or feebleness.

  • The person will suffer from continual Pain and Anxiety
  • It will try to remain aloof from worldly affairs and be in its unhindered Virtual World.
  • The person would give a damn on worldly affairs.
  • Smoking, Drinking, and the use of Alcohol will be extremely common affairs for the individual.
  • The individual will have persistent thoughts on the memories that dissociating them out of the heads would be a great problem.
  • The person will experience severe mood swings and that causes problems with relationships.
  • An element of feeling hopeless and helpless will govern the individual all the time.

Factors That Define Mental Health

Now let me discuss certain factors that make one sojourn all the time. These factors help to get into the root of  the issues of Mental Health:

Self Esteem

Self Esteem

The person who has a problem with self Esteem has quite a possibility of being gripped with some psychological disorder.

The ones who have problems with self-esteem naturally and normally remain nonparticipants in life.

Feeling Loved

Psychological wellness depends quite an extent upon what kind of family upbringing he has grown up with. Feeling loved increases self-confidence of one’s self right from the onset.

Self Confidence

Youth needs to be encouraged to take the path it wants to lead. This is all about one taking strides to develop core psychological competence.

The ones who are not self-confident have a high chance of suffering from mental disease.

These are the primary factors that help an individual unlock their mental capacities. Apart from these factors, there are other factors like  Community, Physical Health, Intellectual Health, Self Care– that determine the state of mental health.

Direct Link Between Substance Use And Mental Health

According to a study conducted in the USA, it is found out that around 36% of Personality  Disorders have been derived from Substance Abuse. It is also found that around 68% of the Psychologically challenged individuals are chain smokers.

Also, it is found that around 69% of individuals consume alcohol. It could be easy to conjecture the relation between substance use and Mental Health Disorders.

The association between Substance use and Mental disorder does not require an expert observation. We through our lives experience kinds of events and we can easily differentiate between psychologically  retarded as well as psychologically strong individuals.

Mental Health as observed by psychologists could be of different types. The mental health of an individual is responsible for an individual to perform well against the odds of life.

This could be also be found out through study that proper conditioning of the mind is a prerequisite to developing a strong mind.

Treatment and Medications

There are various types of Treatment that one could access depending on the requirements and counseling. These include:


Under this, an individual needs to be well prepared to face a doctor and understand their own limitations.

Therefore, it is advised that individual needs be highly traumatic in life and understand life amidst complexities.

Mindful Therapy

Mindful Therapy comprising counseling with an expert could be of immense help. This would find oneself in a good situation and scenario in identifying the strong point as well weak areas of an individual.

Motivation becomes an all-important factor to psychological rever from one’s state of wellbeing.

Family Support

Family support is constantly important for an individual. The ones that get support from family and friends have a good chance of finding the recovery path in the long run.


Therefore, it can be concluded that the psychological wellbeing of an individual has a direct relationship with Substance use.

One needs to prepare oneself psychologically so that any kind of abuse could be dealt with strongly and vehemently.

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