The Emotions of Recovery from Heart Surgery 1

The Emotions of Recovery from Heart Surgery

Often people tend to get into an emotional whirlwind when they are about to go through heart surgery. Who will handle my responsibilities? Who will take care and do the chores post-surgery? How long will it take to recover completely?

During your recovery period, it is common to experience depression, so it is important to help yourself feel emotionally positive. The atmosphere in which you stay would have a major impact on your peace of mind. This is the reason why doctors recommend patients to be hospitalized for starting days during recovery.

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In general, up to 30% of patients undergo depression after cardiac surgery, especially major surgery. Some proven strategies recommend maintaining a positive outlook during the recovery phase to improve the physical healing process.

Consult your health care team about the symptoms to consider during recovery

Have a discussion with your doctor right after the surgery and know the symptoms of depression. Also, make sure the person taking care of you during recovery knows about those symptoms and how to overcome depression.

If you experience sadness and dull mood consistently or if you lose interest in activities that you normally enjoy doing, it is a symptom that you are undergoing depression.

In such cases, visit the doctor and share your experience on how you feel to prescribe some medicine or provide some activities to overcome those concerns and make you feel better.

Apart from the doctor’s suggestions, you could help yourself heal faster by pursuing your habits for emotional well-being.

Set a positive goal that you think could be achievable and celebrate your progress on those set goals. Try having minimum and realistic expectations that help you avoid disappointments.

Practice a Healthy Routine

One of the most effective and reliable ways to maintain a positive outlook and keep your mood stable is to have frequent movement instead of rest for the whole day.

Practice exercising whenever you feel but only after consulting with the surgeon because you don’t want to overdo it. Encouraging yourself constantly to keep moving would help to recover faster.

Some people find it effective when they follow a routine to wake up and get ready wearing actual clothing even though they don’t go out. This gives a positive mindset to take on the day and helps to have a daily routine and night routine.

Going out for a walk helps you to relax a bit. Being outside with all other people will automatically give you a good feeling and help you distract from the thoughts that were making you feel stressed.

The Emotions of Recovery from Heart Surgery 2

Difficulties you could face

Many people find difficulties post-surgery due to some side effects from the procedure. You might feel a little pain in the Incision area or find it difficult with deep breathing and pain while coughing.

You will be in the ICU starting 2-3 days post-surgery and will be admitted to a normal ward. So getting prepared to stay in the hospital for a few days to weeks is a simple yet tedious process in an emotional aspect.

Normally it takes about 6-8 weeks for a patient to recover completely since that’s the last time for the breastbone to heal. During this time, you avoid carrying heavy objects or heavy workouts as per the doctor’s guidelines.

Do Attend Cardiac Rehabilitation

Usually, after a period of 6 weeks from the surgery, the doctor will recommend cardiac rehabilitation that involves careful monitoring of your physical activity to see how your heart is healing.

A cardiac rehab session is a team effort, and you don’t have to face it all alone. There would be doctors, nurses, your family, and friends to support you and make lifestyle choices that would affect your heart’s well being.

It helps you improve the ability to do daily activities and reduces heart disease risk factors. It also helps in improving your positive outlook and plays a significant role in emotional stability.

A good rehab program will study each person’s needs and develop a program just for them. Choose a better cardiac rehab in some of the top heart surgery hospitals in Bangalore.

Rehabs don’t admit people without any doctor’s recommendation. The doctor who recommends you would receive regular reports on your progress makes it easy for them to guide you based on your improvement.

Give your heart time to heal

It is important to remember that each individual would heal at a different rate, some might heal quickly, and for some, it might take time. People with a health condition such as diabetes or cholesterol would take a little longer to heal. On average, a normal person would take about three to six months to heal completely.

At any phase of the recovery, using some patience is the best way to keep yourself safe. Giving the time the body requires to heal is an important aspect during the recovery.

For instance, if you feel pressure or pain in the chest bone or sternum during any activity, it is recommended to stop the activity immediately. It could complicate the healing process and cause a lot of pain.

If you are not sure whether to undergo such activity, consult with your doctor or surgeon first. It is best to check with a doctor if you experience things like:

  • Redness or swelling in the chest. It could be a symptom of any infection.
  • Unusual noise in your chest when you laugh deeply or cough.
  • Abnormal pain anywhere in the body.

To summarize, give yourself some time to heal. Gradually increase your activities a little more each week. Do have a regular check-up with your doctor until you speed up to normal.


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