Tips To Deal With Acne 1

Tips to deal with acne

In a world that appreciates physical beauty, having good and healthy skin is what everyone desires. People tend to be attracted to physical beauty, and everything else comes afterward.

This is one reason why the makeup industry is a billion-dollar industry with many consumers in our society. Not that trying to look better is an issue; it really starts to affect various individuals’ mental health, especially teenagers, if their insecurities about their physical appearance are highlighted in any way.

The use of makeup is encouraged healthily and not encourage not accepting any flaws or imperfections. In fact, we should encourage taking care of one’s health, resulting in perfect, glowing, and healthy skin for all.

Many people also deal with acne. Most youngsters are patients of horrible acne that sometimes leave marks for a lifetime. Acne scar treatment is easily available these days in skin clinics. One can also consult a dermatologist for acne scar treatment specific to their skin history, type, and condition.

More to know about acne

Every person will have suffered from acne at least once in their life. It is a part of normal growing up and generally, not something to be concerned about very much. Normally, without any related concerns, acne will come and go in a few days. Sometimes they leave marks that vanish in a few days or weeks, and sometimes, there will not be any marks left.

Acne is nothing but an accumulation of germs and sometimes pus on the skin. Our skin secretes natural oil that is called sebum. It is responsible for maintaining healthy moisture levels in our skin and keeping it from drying due to exposure to the sun, pollution, or water.

Sometimes, the oil secreted can contact the germs or bacteria around us and cause our skin to break out. This is when we get one kind of acne. This acne type is most common among people who have oily skin, as their skin secretes more than the average amount of sebum.

Sometimes, acne can also be caused due to internal mechanisms like puberty or hormonal changes in the body. Many people tend to have acne as soon as they become adolescents. The body goes through many changes during that time, and acne can be one of the consequences. These types of acne will also leave no marks and heal with time.

Tips To Deal With Acne 2

Some women have acne if they are suffering from PCOD or during some months of pregnancy. This is again due to the changes that go on in the body or hormonal disbalance. Sometimes, they can leave marks, but that can be looked after by consulting a skin specialist or giving it some time to heal.

Acne can also turn up on various body parts apart from the face. Many people can have acne on the back or neck. Acne on the neck may be a sign of hormonal disbalance, and acne on the back may need extra care and can turn up due to the accumulation of sweat and oil.

Tips to get rid of acne

These tips can help one treat acne and other problems related to it. If one continues to suffer from prolonged acne, consulting a doctor is the best option.

  • TEA TREE OIL: one of the most widely used products for treating acne and an ingredient for many cosmetic products that claim to fix acne issues. Tea tree oil is a strong essential oil that can be used directly on acne or mixed with bath water to eliminate body acne. It has high antibacterial properties and is proven to treat those stubborn bumps.
  • CLEANLINESS: many times, acne is caused due to germs. This can be avoided if one takes care of cleaning their face and skin with a face wash twice a day and make sure to sleep in clean and well-moisturized skin, without any makeup on it.
  • TONER: stubborn acne can require extra care. Using rose water or cucumber water after washing the face can quickly make the pores small and reduce contact with skin or germs. Toning should always be followed by moisturizing.
  • NON COMEDOGENIC PRODUCTS: people with oily or acne-prone skin must make sure to use non-comedogenic face products. These products do not use ingredients like silicones and parabens that can cause breakouts. Use herbal or natural products, and be aware of the ingredients that do not work for you.
  • EXFOLIATION: another trick that beauty bloggers and stylists swear by is to exfoliate their skin regularly. Exfoliation or scrubbing is done using either a homemade scrub or using a scrub from the market. Exfoliation removes the upper layer of the skin, consisting of dead skin cells, and helps expose the healthy skin that does not have clogged or unclean pores. Regular exfoliation helps to prevent and also reduce acne from the face as well as the body.
  • PHYSICAL EXERCISE: as contradictory as it sounds, sweating can actually help one improve their skin and get rid of acne as well. Doing physical exercise like running, cardio exercises, dancing, or anything that makes you sweat is a good idea for the skin to get rid of the toxins from the body and sweat away from the dirt. Make sure to clean the skin and shower after a few minutes of extensive physical exercise to ensure the pores’ cleanliness.
  • EMOTIONAL WELLBEING: stress and emotional disturbance can also cause the body to react differently depending on the individual. Some people may also develop acne if their skin is reactive and sensitive to their inner health. Managing stress is also important for having beautiful skin that is free of acne and breakouts. Being angry often is also known to have adverse effects on the skin and can cause the skin to break out often. One must learn to manage and navigate through their emotions and have a balanced life to have beautiful skin.


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