2022's Top 6 Kids' Fitness Trackers

2022’s Top 6 Kids’ Fitness Trackers

Kids’ Fitness Trackers

Kids who wear activity tracker watches are more likely to adopt healthy routines and stay active because of the devices’ cutting-edge features. If you’re currently using an activity tracker watch, you may want to acquire a look for your kids as well.

The importance of fitness increased significantly after my wife and I became parents. To be a good role model for my daughters, I wanted to lead a healthy lifestyle.

We started exploring the finest fitness tracker kids tweens when they eventually wanted to join me in my workouts. We prepared for races like runDisney while on vacation using the activity trackers, and we even booked our entire trip around them. Hiking and exploring a new place are just a couple of the many ways fitness trackers are put to good use while traveling.

This Is The Second-Generation Fitbit Ace.

A Fitbit Ace 2 fitness tracker is designed for children ages six and up. There is a 60-minute activity challenge with virtual badges and medals for kids to complete. With a water-resistance rating of up to 50 meters, this Fitbit for children is ideal for use in the pool and on the beach.

The Fitbit Ace 2 has certain kid-friendly features, such as an animation clock face, colorful avatars, and cover photographs that allow youngsters to customize their accounts. Aside from being available in kid-friendly hues like grape and blue/yellow and pink/teal, this Fitbit for children also can purchase extra (added price) accessory bands with patterned print patterns.

A Third-Generation Fitbit, The Ace 3.

You’ll be fine if your kids forget to charge their Fitbit Ace 3 the night well before a massive family hiking trip, thanks to its 8-day battery life, which means you won’t miss a beat. As a result of the watch’s step competition feature, youngsters can compete against their siblings, parents, and other family members. The best part is that parents can manage all of their children’s Fitbits from a single account.

Vivofit Junior 2 By Garmin

Garmin’s vivofit jr two wellness tracker lets you “go into the unknown.” Disney-loving kids will enjoy the Fitbit vivofit JR 2 tracker, which connects to a smartphone app that provides 60-minute stories to motivate children to be active. The Garmin’s vivofit junior two comes in various characters, such as Frozen, Star Wars, Avengers, and much more. It is water-resistant and robust. As a means of meeting activity objectives, children progress characters in the storyline. For example, parents can create reminders, motivation, and incentives to perform assignments and duties.

The Garmin Vivofit Jr.

Parental discretion is advised while purchasing the Disney-licensed Fitbit vivofit JR fitness band for children. Regarding fitness trackers for teenagers, the Garmin Vivofit junior is among the top options. It tracks daily activity, sleep, and the 60 minutes of required physical activity per day. Play games on your smartphone while staying on pace to complete your daily 60-minute activity objective with this fitness tracker.

Amazing Bip Smartwatch From Fitbit

Amazing Bip Smartwatch From Fitbit

The Amazfit Bip is advertised as a smartwatch, but it’s a fitness tracker. GPS and heart rate sensors in the Amazfit Bip and batteries can last for 30 days. Like a fitness tracker for teenagers, the Amazfit Bip is a perfect choice for those who enjoy walking, running, and trekking on family vacations.

Tracker Biggerfive For Exercise

Another less expensive activity monitor option to more expensive models is the BIGGER FIVE Fitness Tracker. The strap on this fitness band is shorter to accommodate the smaller wrists of youngsters (ages five and up). Two different colored bands are included with each BIGGER FIVE Fitness Tracker. In addition to logging your steps, calories burned, and active minutes.

Fitness bands for kids that encourage healthy habits are included here.

Kids, it’s true, can reap the same rewards as adults from using a fitness tracker. A fitness tracker for kids is a great way to encourage & motivate your kid to be healthy as they grow up, just like adults enjoy them. Unlike most fitness trackers, which can monitor steps, activity, and even sleep, these trackers are specifically designed for children.

Things To Avoid

It’s easier than ever to stay on track with your fitness objectives with the help of a fitness tracker, whether it’s for kids or adults. Like any other kid-oriented item, it’s best to be cautious when strapping one to a child’s body. Using a mobile device poses a security issue since they might inadvertently inspire an unhealthy fixation with weight loss and exercise. We think it’s essential to give you all the information you need to make an informed purchase. You should also keep in mind these other considerations.


Children’s wrists are smaller than those of adults. Thus child fitness trackers are developed to accommodate this—the best-selling Garmin profit jr. Three can fit a wrist between 130 and 175 millimeters, whereas the Fitbit Ace 3 can suit wrists between 116 to 168 millimeters. In addition, the majority of kids’ fitness trackers come with an adjustable wristband, and Fitbit even provides a sizing chart that can print.


If you’re looking for a fitness band for your child, be sure to check out the available connectivity options. Bluetooth pairing is required for the majority of trackers. You and your household can participate in step challenges and sync your child’s fitness & sleep data online. You can also track your child’s fitness development over time.

Your youngster will need to be connected to one of your devices if they do not own it. Smartwatches can also serve as simple fitness trackers for youngsters, but these devices require a data plan from a mobile carrier.


Steps, total active minutes, distance traveled, and sleep are all included in nearly every kid’s fitness tracker on the market. ICE information, such as vital phone numbers or addresses, can also be shown on these devices. Some trackers need to be recharged every day, while others can last almost a year without recharging.

Fitness Trackers For Kids: 7 Top Picks

Now that we have years of data as to how many footsteps a person takes each day, the era of the fitness watch has come to an end. Having the capacity to monitor one’s physical activity can give us a wealth of information on improving our daily routines.

Kids’ fitness watches can have various features, including games and fitness monitors. The importance of instilling healthy habits in children at a young age cannot be overstated, and these fitness monitors and trackers can help do just that.

They possessed the capacity to get healthy as a family is an excellent way to promote healthy competition. Friends get involved in these competitions, whether kids aim to shed weight or build muscle for summer vacation or an easy steps contest. Several factors will play a role in determining which fitness tracker is best for your child.

What Is The Best Fitness Tracker For Children?

Ages Four To Six

Getting youngsters between the ages of three and six active can help minimize the dependence on television or electronic games that many children develop. Using a fitness tracker to keep a game can be a great way to foster healthy habits.

One Is The Leapband By Leapfrog

The LeapBand from LeapFrog offers virtual cash to active children and eats healthily. To care for their virtual pet, they can use this coin. A child who might otherwise despite exercise will be more likely to engage in it if it is presented to them as a manner of caring for a pet. This is an excellent tool for teaching young children good behaviors, such as regular exercise and a well-balanced diet.

Everyone has seen an older child drop a watch on the ground. Thus the watch’s durability is a bonus. This tracker has a long battery life because children of this age will rarely recall to charge it unless it is required to be done every day. Staying active all the time can help your youngster develop a sense of accountability for their pet. You can choose from various animals, including the Panda and even the fabled unicorn.

Six To Ten-Year-Olds it,

When it comes to developing healthy behaviors, kids between the ages of 6 – 8 are most likely to look to you as a role model. The everyday challenges that a fitness tracker provides to kids their age still hold their interest. Other possibilities are stylish and long-lasting because children are still children no matter how mature they appear.

The Garmin Vivofit Jr. 2

The Vivofit Jr 2 from Garmin is suitable for kids of all ages. This is the kind of incentive to get youngsters moving that most parents wished they’d had as kids. There are various characters to choose from, ranging from Marvel to Disney. Because it is waterproof, the Garmin Vivofit wellness tracker may be worn by a curious child in all weather.

Your youngster can play games to help them meet their daily activity objectives. The app’s parent-friendly features include the ability to monitor and modify duties, as well as the flexibility to add and remove tasks. You are given coins that you can exchange for various rewards of your own choice. In other words, you could go to the playground or do something else fun with ten coins. The battery life of the Fitbit Vivofit Jr 2 is around a year, after which it will need to be changed to stop charging.

Fit 2.0 By Kurio

Parents of teenagers may not want their children to text or talk to just anybody through their wristwatch or fitness tracker for apparent reasons. Using the Kurio Fit 2.0, images or text can be shared without being publicly available. The watch’s Bluetooth capabilities make it easy for a parent to send a message to their child. This tracker can communicate with friends that wear the same look.

Keeping tabs on activity is critical. However, the actions that this watch can track are somewhat limited. To get healthy, you can only use three game modes, and it’s a more secure means of communicating with your children and their peers while encouraging physical activity.

Unicef Kid Energy Band No. 3:

The UNICEF Kid Rev Range color options include Star Wars Black. Helping hungry children worldwide is possible because of UNICEF activity levels powered by the organisation.

At the same time, it helps a youngster develop a feeling of social duty and understand the value of healthy living. Using the activity tracker, kids may participate in various missions and challenges to stay physically fit.

This activity tracker has a 5-day battery life and charges completely in just one hour. Everyone in the family can participate and compete for free with an app available in the iTunes store. Because of its adult appearance and the fact that it is waterproof, this watch is ideal for kids of different ages.

Kidizoom By Vtech

Kidizoom By Vtech

It’s more of a hybrid smartwatch/activity tracker in the case of the Vtech Kidizoom. Your kid can take a picture or video of what they enjoy with two cameras. May use a stopwatch to measure your child’s speed in an activity challenge, making it an excellent opportunity to compete with peers. This helps them keep track of their development because everyone wants to get faster and fitter.

The site, Best Smartwatch For Children, Is.

Fitbits have become the industry standard for activity trackers due to the several iterations that have been produced. It is widely accepted that the Fitbit is the gold standard for fitness trackers, and for a good reason: its features are among the greatest. The Fitbit Ace 2 is one of the most popular children’s fitness trackers on the market.

This is the second-generation Fitbit Ace.

A Fitbit Ace 2 is not only an improvement over the original, but it’s also about $25 less expensive. There’s a watertight, non-corrosive silicone band you may use instead of metal. Achieving a specific level of activity or meeting goals regularly earns you badges and other prizes.

Tracking sleep patterns and setting the alarm to wake you up are two features that make this tracker stand out. Kids’ minds and bodies are shaped by the amount of sleep they receive. The tracker’s battery lasts for around five days, so charging one a day should be plenty. To compete with your kids, you can use your personal Fitbit to see how they are doing from their perspective as a parent.

Inspire by Fitbit for Teens and Young Adults

The Fitbit Inspire costs about the same as the Fitbit Ace 2, but it has a more sophisticated appearance. Because it is water-resistant, the watch can be worn by swim team members. Calorie counting can help your adolescent eat the correct quantity of food to replenish the energy they have lost via exercise. Athletes of various levels use fitness bands to keep track of their daily activity levels. Having a family competition to determine who can walk the most steps or burn the most calories in a week can bring everyone together.

The watch’s ability to connect with a cellphone can be a time-saver. Can accurately assess a person’s fitness level by looking up the most efficient workout on their smartphone and comparing the number of calories burned. A watch that lets you text, read your messages, monitor your heart rate, and measure your levels of activity in one device is just nothing short of fantastic.

Is It Safe To Use A Fitness Tracker On A Child?

While fitness trackers for children are safe, they are used with caution. A child with body image concerns can burn an unhealthy number of calories each day. A parent may easily monitor their child’s activity with a fitness tracker because children should be active, but not overly so during every waking hour. Friendship and family competitions can be a terrific way to get everyone in the best possible shape.

Your child’s age will play a role in determining which fitness tracker is best for them. Some more sophisticated trackers allow you to enter the food you’ve eaten during the day. Can instil a lifetime of healthy eating in your child through early nutrition education. Battery life and your child’s involvement are essential considerations, and an activity tracker can help both of you!

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