A good trainer knows how to communicate with you.

You’re Working With A Good Trainer if They Have These 5 Stellar Traits

Are you working with a good trainer?

A good trainer is not just someone qualified and certified to work with you on your fitness journey. A good trainer is so much more than that. To give you an idea if you should keep working with your current trainer or start looking for a new one, do read on the following important traits that every good trainer must possess:

  1. A good trainer is empathetic.

Question to ask yourself: Do you feel safe to be open and honest with your struggles with your trainer?

Empathy is an important trait that all trainers should have because people come with different emotional baggage and mental states. A good trainer knows fully well that the best way to connect with you and help you with your fitness journey is to see through your eyes and feel through you. It’s impossible to have someone help you on reaching your goal if that person does not even understand where you’re coming from.

An empathetic trainer will not judge you and make you feel bad about your past decisions. He or she will fully understand your struggles. He or she will not shame you and make you feel less. The trainer always reminds you that it’s totally fine to make mistakes and mess up. A good trainer will never make you feel hopeless and good for nothing. A trainer will see you, see the best in you, and fully work with you in a safe and empowering way.

  1. A good trainer knows how to listen.

Question to ask yourself: Do you feel heard by your trainer?

Hearing is different from listening. Listening is fully understanding what the other person just said and knowing if there is something that can be done about it. It’s important for a trainer to have good listening skills because every single client is different.

Your trainer should be able to fully listen to your concern or needs. He or she should always hear you out when you have issues or worries. He or she should always be ready to receive your feedback and reaction. You should never feel dismissed and alienated by your trainer. If your trainer makes you feel alone and unheard, then consider this a sign that it’s a good time to look for a new one. Work with a trainer that will listen to you. You have your needs and concerns and they deserve to be acknowledged and tended to.

  1. A good trainer is analytical.

Question to ask yourself: Do you work with a trainer that knows how to solve your problems?

A good trainer does not simply know the proper fitness forms, techniques, and methodologies. He or she must, most importantly, be able to properly apply them. Are you working with one that fully sees your problems? Is he or she actively pursuing to solve your problems?

Analytical trainers from MoveWell Health and Fitness provide top-level personal training in Murrumbeena because each client’s concerns are carefully assessed and tended to. Good trainers must be able to anticipate problems and see problems as they are. Good trainers are quick in evaluating situations and providing effective personalized solutions. Your trainer must be able to comprehensively see your situation. He or she must know how to consistently boost you for progress and improvement. He or she must be sharp enough to see the root of every possible issue.

  1. A good trainer knows how to communicate with you.

You’re Working With A Good Trainer if They Have These 5 Stellar Traits
You’re Working With A Good Trainer if They Have These 5 Stellar Traits

Question to ask yourself: Does your trainer know how to communicate?

Knowing is different from knowing how to communicate what one knows. Your trainer could be the best in the field for having undergone years of training and studies but that will mean nothing if he or she is not capable of communicating with you.

A good trainer understands the essence and importance of communication. Communication is not mere talking. Communication is a back-and-forth interaction that leads to understanding. Your trainer should be able to listen to you and he or she should be able to talk to you as well.

A good trainer knows how to talk and relate with his or her clients. He or she is always clear and intentional. His or her words are always meaningful and precise. You should work with a trainer that will never overwhelm you and confuse you. Work with one who knows what he or she is doing and who also knows how to communicate and relate properly.

  1. A good trainer is adaptive.

Question to ask yourself: Do you work with a trainer that sees you as you are?

A good trainer knows how to adapt to different individual needs and levels of fitness. Work with one that sees you and works with what you have.

Your trainer is not doing it right if he or she forces you to do something that is not true to you, your level of fitness, your interest, and your goals. All your activities and meal plans must be true to you. He or she must be able to adjust to your changing needs and lifestyle.

A good trainer must know how to adjust his or her methodologies to your unique needs. A trainer must never force a client to take on anything just because his or her other clients do so.

A good trainer will sit down with you and study your unique fitness level. He or she will always endeavor to create personalized fitness plans that fit your capacity and needs. You will not feel pressured and overwhelmed if you’re working with a good trainer who knows how to adjust to your needs.

Tips on Finding a Good Trainer

If our question allowed you to effectively assess your current trainer and you’ve concluded that you’re working with a good one, congratulations! Consider yourself pretty lucky! If otherwise, then we’ve got you covered, start with these foolproof tips when looking for a good trainer that will bring out the best in you:

  • Look for someone locally. The nearer your trainer is, the better.
  • Ask your family and friends if they could recommend one that will match your personality.
  • Create a list of personal dealbreakers that you should always refer to. Prioritize your preferences and needs.
  • Look for one that specializes in your preferred workouts.

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