Winter Fashion How To Purchase The Perfect Hat For Winter

Winter Fashion: How to Purchase the Perfect Hat for Winter?

Perfect Hat for Winter

Covering your body is the primary factor of the winter months. Not just you need to keep your body warm, but your head too. It doesn’t matter if your wear heavy jackets and boots, if you fail to cover your head and ear during the winter months, you might catch a cold.

One of the best ways to cover the head and ears during winter is by using a great hat. However, most women assume that wearing a hat in winter might decrease their fashion statement. But this is not correct information. Winter hats are available in various designs and patterns. Therefore, you can find the perfect one as per your needs.

For those who think that they will look unattractive wearing winter hats, this article is perfect them. We will not only discuss perfect winter hats but also face shapes according to hats.

Face Shape

If you don’t know which winter hat will look good on you, you should first consider the shape of your face. Just like hairstyles, not every hat will suit your face. Not sure about your face shape? Here are the most common:

  • Oblong: Narrow and long face
  • Oval: Long face with curved jawlines
  • Round: A face as wide as long
  • Heart Shapes: Defined cheekbones and pointed jawlines
  • Rectangular: A wide and long face with pointed jawlines

Types of Winter Hats

Winter hats are made of thick materials such as wool, fur, felt, and fleece. Remember that winter hats are not universal. Therefore, if you think that you can attend every occasion wearing the same winter hat, you might look vague. But winter hats will undoubtedly complement your fashion statement.

The color of the winter hats will play a major part in the occasions. Winter hats with bold colors are perfect for casual occasions. On the other hand, if you’re planning to attend formal occasions, you need to purchase winter hats with versatile colors such as brown, black, grey, etc.

Beanie Hats

Beanie hats are one of the most popular headgears in winter. Most beanie hats are made of acrylic or polyester. But high-quality winter hats can also be made of fleece or wool. Turn-ups, fleece lining, and bobbles are some of the most common features of beanie hats. Beanie hats are available in various designs and colors with more text designs and daring patterns. This is why beanie hats are becoming more fashionable.

If you have an oval-shaped face, the beanie hats will look perfect on you. On the other hand, you need to choose a slouchy beanie if you have a heart-shaped face as it will soften the angle of the jawlines.

As beanie hats are casual, they are perfect for casual occasions and less for formal events.

Fedora Hat

Fedora Hat

The fedora hats are more structured and beautifully designed hats that are most commonly made of felt and wool. The fedora hats come in both narrow and wide brims and they are perfect for both men and women. The traditional fedora hats are pinched at the front of the crown.

The tapered grown of the fedora hats are extremely effective at adding strength to your personality. This is why the fedora hats are perfect for those who have a smaller face.

If you have a rectangle shape, you should opt for wide brim fedora hats. Keep in mind that fedora hats can also protect you during the summer months.

Felt Hats

This is one of the most popular hats available in the market. The felt hats are known for their glamorous appearance. The women’s wool felt hats are perfect for those who are searching for something more formal winter headgear.

Even though the felt hats were popular amongst men and women, currently felt hat styles in the United States are more feminine. However, unlike the Russian or aviator hats, the felt hats don’t come with ear flaps.

Felt hats are perfect for those who have a round face. Don’t purchase the felt hats if you have a small face as it will make your face look smaller.

Trapper Hat

Commonly known as the aviator hats, the trappers are one of the best hats that come with ear flaps. They are arguably the warmest winter headgear you can find in the market. As per Ororo wear, make sure you wear jackets so that you don’t catch a cold. The style of the trapper hats is very similar to the Russian hats that are typically made of rabbit, sheepskin, or muskrat fur. However, leather is usually the primary material for trapper hats, with fur covering the ear and forehead.

If your region is extremely cold, you need to use the trapper or aviator hats as they will protect you from cold better than any other winter hat. The ear flaps will also protect you from various outdoor elements.

Fur Hat

The fur hats are made of real animal fur, which is why they are extremely warm for winter. The big types of fur hats are known as Russian ushankas. They look more like a cylinder with ear flaps. The fur hat is perfect for those who have a round face as the fur hat will make your face appear slimmer. Fur hats are great if you work in extremely cold regions.

If you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on real furs, you can purchase faux fur. However, you need to ensure that your faux fur is of high quality if you are looking to purchase the best winter hats. If you don’t care about animal rights, purchasing real furs will be a smart decision for you.

As the fur hats are perfect for winters, they are not suitable for other seasons. You need to keep your priorities straight if you plan on purchasing the fur hats.

If possible, try and test these winter hats before making a purchase, as it can be hard to tell how something will fit without trying it on. Always make sure that the product is of high quality by checking for tags or labels, and it should always suit you regardless of how it looks on the mannequin. If you do not have the time to go and try these hats on at a store, then perhaps opt for online purchase as we offer free shipping on selected orders.

Whether you choose traditional or modern hat styles, they will look good on both men and women.


These are the top winter hats you should know. Do you want to purchase comfortable wool felt hats? Make sure you contact us.

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