7 Weight Training Tips For Beginners

7 Weight Training Tips for Beginners

Weight Training Tips for Beginners

Weight training is a crucial part of getting fit. It helps develop stronger muscles, ensures a healthy metabolism, and strengthens bones and joints. However, it can be an intimidating experience, especially for fitness beginners. If you are a weight training newbie, the following tips will help you get going with no time.

Know your options

You should familiarize yourself with the various weight training exercises to choose a suitable one for you. Different muscle groups require distinct muscle training to achieve optimal results. If you are completely new to weight training, consider hiring an in person or online personal trainer to help you choose a suitable program. Here are some of the sample exercises you could choose based on the muscle group.

  • Lower body: lunges, deadlifts, squats, leg press
  • Shoulders: overhead press, lateral raise
  • Triceps: dips, kickbacks
  • Chest: chest press, push-ups, bench press
  • The back: back extensions, lat pulldowns
  • Biceps: hammer curls, bicep curls, concentration curls
  • Abdominals: crunches, wood chops, reverse crunches, pelvic tilts

Warm-up first

Do not just dive into your weight training routine. Instead, ensure that you warm up first to increase blood flow and get your heart rate up. Warm muscles are also less vulnerable to injuries.

You could include various warm-up options in your routine, including light jogging, walking, skipping ropes, jumping jacks, or a dynamic stretching workout.

Dynamic stretching involves using controlled movement to increase your range of motion and loosen up the muscles. When you grow your range of motion, you go deeper into exercises such as squats, butt kicks, and walking lunges that fully extend your bicep curls hence more muscle recruitment and better results.

Ensure that you choose a pre-workout routine that works for you and get your body ready for extensive weight training.

Start with a short, simple routine

Often, when starting weight training, you want results immediately, so you may start with a complex training routine to achieve your goals. However, this might not be the best approach, and you may end up giving up early.

To gain those awesome biceps and abs, you should start with a simpler routine and then progress into a more complex one as your muscles gain momentum. Your goal should be to have a routine that works for all your strengths and build a strong foundation that allows you to progress to the end.

Evaluate the right amount of weight for you

Dedicate the first few sessions of your training to experiment with the right amount of weight you should use for a given exercise. This involves a series of trial and error until you get the right fit.

It is better to err on light than heavier weight to avoid straining your muscles or injuries. Ensure that you choose a lighter weight you can lift with the proper form and move to heavier weights as you progress.

It is worth noting that it is normal to feel exhausted by the last few sets of your routine and extremely tired and shaky at the end. This shows that you are doing your training right and have the right amount of weight. However, if you experience extreme discomfort or pain, you should consider dropping down the weight.

Proper form is crucial

Proper form is crucial
Proper form is crucial

To achieve the desired results of your workout and avoid injuries, you need to maintain a proper form. This means that you need to dedicate time to researching and enquiring the right form for every routine you set your heart to. To maintain a proper form, you should:

  • Focus on your posture: Ensure that you stand tall with your abs held tight and your lifted chest.
  • Move slowly: To avoid injuries, ensure that you are moving slowly to ascertain that you rely on your muscles and not the momentum to lift.
  • Avoid holding your breath: Often, you may find yourself involuntarily holding your breath while exerting. You should remember to exhale, especially during the most difficult part of the routine, to fuel your movement.

Determining the right technique can be difficult, especially for beginners. For this reason, you should hire a personal Arnold press form trainer to guide you through the first sessions of your exercise.

Alternatively, you could check out various weight training videos and tutorials online to determine the right technique for your workout. You do not want to invest much time in your weight training routine and achieve minimal results.

Schedule regular workouts

The only way to get those awesome biceps and abs is through regular workouts. Do not expect optimal results with minimum effort. Ensure that you schedule regular workouts, but be careful not to go overboard.

As a beginner, you could start regular weight training at least three to five days a week and progress to more days as you become more proficient.

Resting for a day or two between workouts gives your muscles time to replenish the energy stores and recover before the next weight training session. You could also rest by working on different muscle groups on distinct days.

For instance, you could concentrate on your upper body on one day and the lower body on the next. The goal is to build lean muscle tissues while preventing injuries.

Track your progress

You need to track your weight training exercise to gauge your performance. Are you making progress over time, or are you stuck? Through tracking, you can adjust your weight training workouts to suit your goals.

Besides, tracking your progress is an excellent source of motivation. When you realize your accomplishments, you will be encouraged to push even further in the future. There are various ways you can track your progress, including mobile apps or traditional recording on a piece of paper.


Weight training provides an effective way to strengthen your muscles and keep fit. To make the most of your weight training routine, choose a suitable exercise, focus on the right form and start with lighter weights while tracking your progress for motivation. That said, remember to include a balanced diet in your weight training routine for a happier, healthier, and fit you!

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