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Top 7 Best Fitness Clubs in USA – America’s Top Gyms 2020

Before we talk about the best fitness gyms and clubs in the USA, let’s review fitness meaning and types. The word “FITNESS” is too vague as fitness is made from many factors. fitness means readiness. The level of fitness depends on includes all aspects of health and life. It affects physical, mental, and social health.

Physical fitness is the ability of the body system to work efficiently. A physically fit person can sleep peacefully, and physical fitness improves the various muscles like skeletal and cardiac muscles, it also strengthens the bones and connective tissues. A fit person is also able to carry out the typical activities of living, such as work and still have the energy and vigor to respond to emergencies. Best fitness clubs will help you to achieve that.

Types of Fitness

There are two types of physical fitness.

  • Health-related physical fitness
  • Skills-related physical fitness

Health-Related Physical Fitness

Athletic fitness Daylight
Athletic fitness Daylight

Health-related physical fitness involves physical exercise, which improves the health of a person. There are five components of health-related fitness, which include cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility, and body composition.


  • Cardiovascular Endurance

Cardiovascular endurance is the ability to exercise the entire body for an extended period. The activity of fitness which includes in this are running, swimming and aerobics. A person must do the activity continuously for a minimum of 20 minutes within their target heart zone. Cardiovascular endurance should be done on a minimum of 3 days per week.


  • Muscular Endurance

    gym exercises
    gym exercises

Muscular endurance is the ability to use the muscles attached to the bones, repeatedly, without getting tired. Muscular endurance gives better posture, back problems will ease, and the person will be less tired. Muscular endurance can be improved by lifting weights and doing sit-ups.


  • Muscular Strength

Muscular strength is the amount of force a person can put forth with their muscles. It is usually measured by how much a person can lift the weights. The amount of muscle strength that may be achieved depends on gender, age, and inherited physical attributes. When muscles are strong, the associated tendons which attach muscles to bones and ligaments also become strengthened, and this decreases the risk of injury.


  • Flexibility

Flexibility is the ability of joints to move through a free and pain-free range of motion. Flexibility varies widely from person to person. Many factors affect the loss of normal joint flexibility, including injury, inactivity, or stretching. People with more flexibility have a lower tendency to muscle injury. Proper flexibility also goes on hand in hand with full-motion exercises like squats and dead-lifts, major muscle builders. The superior body adaptability level is estimated and determined by playing out a sit and reach test.


  • Body Composition

Body composition and growth are the key components of health in both individuals and populations. Body composition is the percentage of body weight that is fat compared to other body tissues such as muscles and bones. According to the World Health Organization, healthy body composition ranges from 17- 25% for females and below 15% for males.

Exercise and eating the right food in the right amount can improve body composition. The Body Mass Index (BMI) may be a standard method wont to assess the health of a person by comparing the quantity of weight they carry to the peak of the individual.

2. Skills-Related Physical Fitness


Skills related to physical fitness is the ability of a person to perform during sports and games, which is also called ‘performance fitness’. Skills related to fitness abilities increase one’s ability to perform in various activities and indirectly connect with health. The skills related components of fitness are agility, balance, power, coordination, speed, and reaction time.

  • Agility 

Agility is the body’s ability to respond to external stimuli, change direction, and react quickly without losing balance or altering postural alignment. The hexagon agility test is the simple agility test to perform, which requires limited space and equipment. People with good agility are mostly good at diving, soccer, wrestling, ice skating, etc.


  • Balance

Static balance is maintaining equilibrium when stationary, while stability is maintaining balance when moving. Balance while moving is called ‘dynamic balance.’ Balance is essential in all types of sporting situations, including gymnastics, pilates, single-leg exercises, Bosu ball exercises, and yoga. Balance is linked to agility; to quickly and efficiently change direction, you must be balanced.


  • Power

For strength and speed, power is the key. People with good power may have the ability to put the shot, high jump, play football, speed swim, speed skate’ etc.


  • Coordination

Coordination is the integration of hand and foot movements with the input of the senses. Coordination activities include basketball, baseball, CrossFit, martial arts, etc.


  • Speed

Speed is the ability to perform the movement in a short period and move quickly from one point to another. People with good leg speed have enhanced running ability, and good arm speed can throw fast.


  • Reaction Time

Reaction time is the time that is needed to react to stimuli. People with good reaction time can be able to make quick judgments according to the situation.

The Best Fitness Clubs in the USA

best fitness clubs in the usa
photo by Risen Wang

Americans have never had more choices in terms of gyms and fitness clubs: 24/7 hours’ access, yoga, hula-dancing classes, biking trips, and many more. Everything fitness-related you can imagine is possible now.

But big selection creates a problem of choice. With so many gyms around, which one to choose? We reviewed and listed the best US fitness clubs, in our opinion.

1.Lifetime Fitness Club – overall best fitness gym

Lifetime Fitness
Lifetime Fitness

Lifetime, Inc is a chain of health clubs within the U.S. and Canada. The company was founded by Chairman and Chief Military Officer, Bahram Akradi. It includes fitness gyms and services. The lifetime fitness gym features a variety of fitness and health programs; for instance, they use three diet plans, one is private, another is completed with a team, and the last is by employing a group. They even have various training programs, such as strength training, yoga, cardiac exercises, and aqua fitness.

Lifetime fitness club also provides sports training facilities for those that have an interest in sports and a climbing program which incorporates auto belays, top rope, lead climbing, and shouldering. They also provide a toddler center where a mother can leave her children in good hands during exercise or fitness activities. They even have a spa and salon to relax and relieve the strain.

2.Rogue Fitness – best-equipped gym

Rogue Fitness Gym
Rogue Fitness Gym

Rogue fitness club is one of the highest gym equipment manufacturers and retailers across the World and one of the best fitness gyms in the USA. Rogue fitness continues to grow together with the cutting-edge leaders within the fitness industry. Rogue fitness began in 2007 in Toledo, Ohio, because its founder was having difficulty finding high-quality garage gym equipment. After initially only selling other company’s equipment, Rogue began manufacturing its own.

It’s now one of the leading manufacturers of strength and conditioning equipment within the World and is that the primary supplier of CrossFit equipment to affiliates everywhere.

Additionally, to supply world-class equipment, one of the most well-known characteristics of Rogue is its excellent customer service. The closeout section of the Rogue website is a superb thanks to purchasing Rogue equipment at a reduced price.

Rogue Fitness Office
Rogue Fitness Office

3.Blink Fitness

Blink Fitness club, a premium-quality, value-based fitness brand, celebrates the positive feeling you get from exercise, not just the physical benefits. Blink has quite 90 locations open or in development throughout N.Y., New Jersey, Pennsylvania, California, and Massachusetts. Blink has twice ranked within the top 500 of the Inc. 5000 list, was recognized together of the highest health clubs by Club Industry, and selected because of the best budget chain by Men’s Health.

Blink Fitness Gym
Blink Fitness Gym

In March 2020, Blink fitness club launched ‘Rise and Blink,’ a daily virtual workout session that provides the members and non-members alike access to industry-leading fitness instructions from certified professional trainers. Cleanliness and equipment upkeep are some of Blink’s top priorities. To realize their cleanliness goals, they follow a straightforward philosophy—’Everybody Cleans’. Whether you’re performing at the front desk or you’re the president of the corporate, you’re re-racking weights, wiping down machines, picking trash up off the ground, etc.


4.La Fitness

La Fitness Gym Entrance
La Fitness Gym Entrance

La fitness gym is, additionally, one of the simplest gyms in the U.S. They supply their customers with the right and appropriate fitness programs to drive their clients to a healthier lifestyle. They also modify and develop their existing fitness equipment to offer their clients satisfaction. It’s currently managed through various sports clubs in Arizona, Georgia, Florida, California, New York, Texas, Connecticut, Washington, and New Jersey.

La fitness has its aerobic programs, which are the main attraction of their program. They provide the most specific customer services which satisfy the customer from the very moment that they enter.


5.Fitness Connection

Fitness Connection Gym Entrance
Fitness Connection Gym Entrance

Fitness Connection club is one of the most recent and fastest-growing U.S. chains. With 26 locations, they’re also one of the highest 25 largest U.S. health spa chains.

Fitness Connection is not just a gym. It offers a well-rounded, engaging, and galvanizing approach to Fitness Fitness. They believe in representing and promoting healthy living. They’re building on our fitness heritage and creating a broad offering that inspires and supports people in their healthiness. They are inclusive of everyone in the community, not just people that are already in shape, but everyone who wants to measure a healthier, happier life.


6.Eos Fitness

Eos Fitness Gym
Eos Fitness Gym

EōS Fitness club is an accessible, high-quality gym environment where anyone can pursue a variety of fitness goals. EōS fitness offers premium fitness amenities like group classes and well-maintained equipment and facilities at the price of a coffee. With spacious, comfortable workout environments that inspire results, EōS fitness makes it easy to acquire fitness routines anytime.

With quite 75+ locations open or in development, EōS fitness has rapidly become the accessible and affordable choice among gym visitors trying to find a high-value fitness experience with all the pleasantries and classes of significant expense rec centers. The fitness leader recently updated its website to feature a free, 31-day fitness calendar for anyone needing a balanced fitness routine to urge them to get started on the right foot.


7.Retro Fitness

Retro Fitness Gym Entrance
Retro Fitness Gym Entrance

Retro fitness club, the low-cost, high-value franchise with nearly 135 locations nationwide, is bringing Corporate Wellness to America. Retro Fitness has a very welcoming environment that provides a pleasing feeling to clients. Their fitness and wellness programs help lower the value of preventable illness like high vital signs and, therefore, the side effects of smoking and obesity. As a result, health care costs for the individual will reduce.


So, we told you about the best fitness clubs and gyms in the US. Now it is up to you which one to choose – the best one, the cheapest one, or maybe just the one which is closest.


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